2nd ADNPM Tissue Conference

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January 21, 2019
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2nd ADNPM Tissue Conference

“The First NTT machine in the Middle East  and Third in the world”

Abu Dhabi National Paper Mill has set up its 2nd Tissue Conference on May 19, 2015 to gather their main customers locally and internationally mainly to introduce their third machine – the New Textured Tissue (NTT) machine that started on 4th Quarter of 2015.  This tissue machine is the third in the world using the NTT technology, following the other two which are located in Mexico and Chile.

The decision to install NTT was based on a strategy to be able to offer the market tissue products that are markedly different from the qualities offered by its competitors.

In the market here, both bulk and softness are extremely important. Even before the NTT machine was installed, ADNPM is well known in the market for making a very soft facial tissue sheet. Now with PM 3 it is even softer, extremely soft for a facial grade, while at the same time retaining good bulk. Therefore, this very bulky facial product allows our customers to reduce the number of sheets, but still have a very bulky package.

In addition, with the NTT we see a huge improvement in water absorbency. Especially for kitchen rolls and for the Away from Home market, towels and even toilet paper have high water absorbency at a high strength of the paper compared to conventional tissue.