Other colors are available on request • All dyes are FDA approved
• Basis weight depends on exact customer requirements


All our tissue grades are in compliance with BfR Recommendation XXXVI from ISEGA in Germany for the health-related evaluation of materials for the contact with foodstuffs.  And our Facial tissue passed the dermatological tests which are classified as harmless as regards the possibility of skin irritation.

Our Machine Specifications
Basis Weight Range
Machine Trim Width
Rewinder Width
Roll Diameter
Core Diameter
No. of Ply
Product Range
13 – 42 GSM   13 – 42 GSM
275 cm   360 cm
18 cm to
272 cm
  18 cm to 354 cm
70 to 180 cm   70 to 180 cm
76/152 mm   76/152 mm
1, 2, 3, 4   1, 2, 3, 4
Available in prime and recycled grade
Facial, Toilet, Kitchen, Napkin,
Maxi Roll, Industrial Towels, etc.